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At AFMB Cargo, we understand that customers’ needs are different. As such, our services are business and customer-centric. Whether you are sending to the reticent city of Netherlands in the European Union (EU) or to the ever-busy and buzzing city of Lagos, our goal is to ensure that customers’ packages – either through freight, cargo or couriers – are received with delight.

  • Time Efficiency

    We are not just efficient; we are also effective and time conscious in our business dealings.

  • Wider Coverage

    We have huge resources of skills and expertise in all freight-related services covering most parts of the globe.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Despite our experience in providing the best services, we have been judged to be particularly cost-effective.



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Ayo Yusuf

Ceo & Founder

Well done to the folks at AFMB Cargo. Needed some quick courier services and they delivered beyond expectation. The service was tailored, and the customer service was exceptional.

Modinat EjigboGbemi

Financial Accountant

Utmost thanks to your efficient and dedicated team. My experience with your courier services was wholesome – fast and reliable. Will definitely be trusting your team with more services. Thank you.

General Odo

Business Owner

As a business owner, cargo services is central to our operations and partnering with AFMB Cargo makes it easier. The service is swift, secure, and a cost-effective transportation of goods.

Sir Circular


We needed a high volume and AFMB Cargo delivered. We experienced seamless and dependable road freight with their expert teams. They delivered our cargo promptly and efficiently while ensuring satisfaction.

Barrister Laster


When we needed logistics consulting for a wide range of products we’re working on, AFMB Cargo came to the rescue. Their consulting service is top-notch. It provides strategic insights, effective processes, and cost-effective solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of logistics services, and these determine when you get your goods. From courier services which can take a day to air freight and cargo via ocean freight which takes longer, these services have different times. We are however time conscious.

It depends largely on many factors including the size of your goods and your preference for when they should reach the destination country. Say, for instance, you are sending heavy and bulky goods to Nigeria, sea or ocean freight is more suitable. This is different when you are sending a light parcel that needs collecting in a few days, courier services are most suitable.

The price of all products is not the same and it’s neither absolute. There are many things to factor in. What is the size and weight of the goods? And when do you intend for the goods to be collected? These are the things that will decide the service you go for and, ultimately, the price.

Absolutely. Nigeria is one of our popular destinations for our cargo/ ocean freight, courier services and air freight. If you request further information, get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you choose the best services.

Yes, you can request expedited shipping for time-sensitive freight. Expedited shipping is a service we provide to prioritize and speed up the transportation of goods to meet urgent delivery requirements. This option is particularly useful when you have time-sensitive shipments that need to reach their destination quickly.